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About Nimble Norfolk

Hello folks! A pleasure to meet you. I'm Chrissy, owner and sole proprietor of Nimble Norfolk. Let’s dive into a proper ‘About me’.

Who Am I?

I'm a furniture repairer specialising in cane, based in the heart of Norfolk, England. My journey in caning started a few years ago, sparked by an unwavering enthusiasm for keeping traditional skills alive, and giving cherished pieces of furniture a new lease on life. From my initial training, followed with years of research and hands-on experience, I've developed my skills in the craft.

What Drives Me?

My mission? It's all about keeping the art of caning alive. I am dedicated to delivering the best possible work, committed to breathing new life into your furniture. With attention to detail, precision, and a good dose of patience, I aim to rejuvenate your beloved pieces.

What You'll Find Here

Get ready for a mix of topics, whether it’s delving into the craft’s background, insights into my business, or updates on current projects. My aim is to broaden your understanding, and, hopefully, capture your interest along the way.

Let's Connect!

I'm excited to share my musings with you and learn from yours. Don't be shy—follow me on Instagram for the latest projects, progress pictures, upcoming fairs and other news. Feel free to drop me a message, an email, or a call if you’d like a quote or have a question.

Cheers for reading!


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